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We are a small friendly group of learning disabled people who are based in a community centre in Lenton, near Nottingham City Centre. The project was started over 35 years ago by the families of people with learning disabilities. We do all kinds of activities either at the centre or ‘out and about’ in the community. If you are interested in finding out more please give us a ring on 0115 905 6060 or leave a message and we will ring you back.


We cost £46.03 per day. Many people can get this funded by the Local Authority through their Social Care budget. Some of our members are finding they have to make a contribution to pay for their services. If you need to know more, please send us an email.

Our service is for adults over 18 years.

a typical week at the west area project 

Monday morning begins with activities: Either snooker at a Beeston club or walking groups. In the afternoon, we are back at the Lenton Centre where we have sessions to practise every day numeracy or literacy skills.

Tuesday is our ‘out and about day’ where we visit local attractions or places of interest.

Wednesday starts with arts and crafts led by an a tutor from the local college. After a packed lunch or baked potato at the local ‘Spud Club’ we have movement sessions to music lead by a local tutor.

Thursday begins with a gym or movement session. Then we have swimming at the TLC pool. After lunch we have an activity session run by a tutor from the local college.

Fridays can start early at 8am if you are a good swimmer. For everyone else, we have a cooking group to prepare a main cooked meal provided free. For those who prefer to eat at a local cafe, they will have to bring in £15 to cover the cost of the meal. This is the only time you will need to bring any money to WAP.

Our aims and commitments

The West Area Project is committed to:

  • Remaining ‘small and beautiful’.
  • Offering a very individual service to each of its members by responding to each person’s interests and needs.
  • Ensuring its members (and their families) are fully involved in what the service does and how it is delivered.

Its aims are to:

  • Promote healthy living and well being.
  • Encourage better accessing of mainstream community resources and facilities.
  • Support people to maintain their existing skills in daily living through practising with numbers, reading and writing.
  • Use the group as a means to help people practice better communication skills.
  • Encourage the development of new interests and hobbies.

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west area project christmaswest area project christmas